Paterson Design Studio

Elin Tidbeck

Senior Landscape Architect

Elin is a highly skilled and accomplished Swedish Landscape Architect who brings to PDS extensive design and contract documentation experience. Elin was educated at the Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala, Sweden and achieved a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, and Purdue University, Indiana, where she completed the Landscape Architecture Program. She has worked as a Senior Landscape Architect in Sweden’s Temagruppen Sverige AB, and taught at the Swedish Agricultural University for three years as a studio critic and lecturer. For seven years Elin worked as a Landscape Architect at the renowned design practice Design Workshop in Denver, Colorado, and delivered many public and private realm projects throughout the United States.

She joined PDS over eight years ago and since then has worked on a range of major projects for clients including Stockland, Landcom and Blacktown City Council.