Paterson Design Studio

Winner of the AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Award 2021 (Infrastructure)

Project Overview

This 2.1 Hectare linear parkland is built over a subterranean 8 x 2m Dia. piped Storm Water system that links into the riparian parklands. Initially designated as a turfed open drainage channel, PDS worked extensively with JWP Engineers and BCC staff to gain approval for this zoned drainage reserve to create a much used public parkland which links communities on either side of the riparian /  creek zone.

PDS, in close collaboration with the engineers, worked with the existing terrain to sculpt the earth in order to link footpath crossovers and create landforms that not only add interest to the vista, but which are designed to accommodate major and minor overland flows. To further enhance the appeal of the space, PDS designed an attractive pedestrian lookout in the form of a meshed, decked cantilever structure which provides views across the creek while simultaneously obscuring the pipe infrastructure and culvert headwall.

The result is a busy public parkland which uses innovative site mounding and an elegant meandering path network to create a dynamic linear park with beautiful long distant views to the Blue mountains. An official name for this linear park is currently under community consideration and will be announced in the near future

Location: Elara, NSW
Designer: Paterson Design Studio P/L
Photographer: Dylan Charles
Client: Stockland