Paterson Design Studio

Project Overview

This beautiful garden starts fifteen metres above the waterfront as a series of steps, garden landings and observation perches which take you to the main pool and boathouse / entertainment area. One of the clients was an experienced sailor and understood the importance of creating numerous refuge locations on an exposed western facing cliff face and pool terrace. On the large exposed cliff face, mature transplanted frangipani trees with mixed seasonal flowering vegetation pockets were created by “bowing” discrete niches of sandstone walls.

At the pool and boat-house level, large planters and in-ground pockets of mature transplanted Pandanus trees (with seasonal flowering lower level planting) provide areas of shade. To compliment the curvaceous sandstone cliff faces all seating, raised planters and stairs were curved intentionally. A large curved “boat hull” seat constructed from a replication of one unit of laser cut marine ply builds upon the waterfront context. The nestled form of the seating reflects the existing large curve in the lower level sandstone cliff face. All paved built elements were designed not to compete with the scale and grandeur of this magnificent Pittwater site.

Location: Palm Beach, NSW
Designer: Paterson Design Studio P/L
Photography: Stefanie Zingsheim
Client: Private