RVB Focus Bbq Factory

1970’s Californian inspired garden spaces

The design inspiration for this large industrial factory and showroom comes from "Sunset Living" a popular magazine from West Coast of The USA that influenced outdoor living in suburban Australia from the late 1950's until the late 1970's. The design acknowledges the building complexes industrial location and production of Australia's largest BBQ manufacturer by using two strong re occurring themes. The first is the use of large tilted turfed earth mounds that act as an effective acoustic and visual barrier from the busy adjacent truck route from the offices on the ground level of the building. The second element is a unique elevated "floating" BBQ Patio that is used as a major outdoor showroom for the display of the companies numerous BBQ ranges that are sold to major distributors throughout Australia.

Braeside VIC
McGauran Soon
Paterson + Pettus P/L
Peter Bennetts
RVB Focus