The Ponds Sales Centre Garden

Interlocking garden spaces create delight and movement

The Ponds is one of Landcom's signature planned communities in the rapidly growing NW sector of Sydney.

The sales centre garden is designed to set the "tone" for the future house's gardens in the development and provide a respite from the commercial sales environment of the sales centre. The garden is constructed of several interlocking rooms that can be enjoyed and accessed from within the sales centre or walk through from the large car park associated with the rest of the display village. Each room is defined with either hedge planting or simple panels of turf or paving. A super advanced deciduous Robinia creates a focus in the centre of the garden and is surrounded by a formal square of teak bench seats. A key focus of the garden was to provide all round seasonal variety created by various leaf textures and flower displays. Planting includes, Native Hibiscus, Camellia Sasanqua, Lilli Pilli's, Japanese Cycad's, Clivia's and flowering Magnolia species. The garden and house will ultimately be subdivided into three separate houses and the layout of the current garden takes this into account.

The Ponds, NSW
Paterson Design Studio P/L
Urban Growth NSW / Landcom