The Ponds Eco Living Garden

The gardens create a common dialogue between each other

The three gardens and associated houses represent a major initiative by Landcom to demonstrate achievable sustainability technology and outcomes in standard residential builder products.

The three houses are interlinked via the gardens. The "Eco Walk" circuit links each of the three houses and along the way demonstrates key sustainability outcomes that are available to the public including; 90% recycled concrete pathways, the re-use of old bricks, recycled soils and mulches, permeable driveway paving, zero use of water in gardens, amelioration of the garden spaces and house through planting, companion planting and an edible garden for a small family. Through out each garden, three to four information signage points outline the sustainability initiative. A similar methodology is used within the houses.

The first house represents a "zeroscape" or non-irrigation garden and is planted with low water loving species from across the world. The second garden celebrates the use of water, captured and stored by several large tanks. This garden contains more oasis and tropical style plantings. The third garden is designed to feed a small family of three people with extensive orchards and productive raised vegetable gardens. The house has the ability to "live off" the grid in terms of power and water.

The Ponds: Kellyville NSW
DKO & Clarendon Homes
Paterson Design Studio P/L
Landcom & Clarendon Homes