Case study: Palm Beach Garden

The design of arc seat was a direct result of a fluid collaboration between the landscape contractor, carpenter and the client. Our sketches and images attempt to demonstrate the process and built outcome.

The original design was to create a set constructed from 3-4 sections of timber, which was to be attached to a metal frame. The carpenters pointed out that in this environment, a seat constructed using this method would rot out within 10 years due to the number of external joints. As a result of these discussions and PDS research, a single repeated element laser cut from a single piece of marine ply was agreed upon.

After construction two prototypes from MDF were tested for ergonomic fit and aesthetic appearance. A final profile was accepted and put into production.

A simple stainless invisible frame was devised with input from the landscape contractor and site carpenters. The frame and spacing of the “ribs” had a final tolerance of less than 5mm.

The end result is an elegant and very comfortable “lounge seat” not to dissimilar to our original sketch and inspirational ideas.