Case study: Green Street

PDS in collaboration with Cardno Consulting Engineers and Greater West Landscapes designed an unusual drainage system to solve the drainage requirements for this unique temporary streetscape.

The roadbed was drained using a sub soil Enka Drain and associated geo fabrics. This drainage system uses capillary action and the 2% fall from the crown of the road to the existing curb. 

The longitudinal and latitudinal water flow was picked up by 100mm diameter ag drain and discharged into covered side entry pits. Additional storm water from house outlets is directly channelled into a RHS channel, which also discharges into the side entry pit. 


The soil profile was developed by SESL and was designed to create a fast draining profile. This water is picked up by the Enka mat drainage system once it hits the existing road surface.  

Click here to watch the time lapse video for Willowdale Green Street.